Why Add a Pad?

The way people live is changing all the time. Relatives come to stay, you welcome new rug rats to the family, older kids grow up and move out (hopefully), or an older family member might join a household for extra support. Chances are your first thought is “I NEED MORE SPACE”. At Add a Pad we think that moving house shouldn’t be your only option to cater for changes in your living requirements.

So we have put together the top reasons why hiring a caravan to extend your existing home is better than moving….

1. You like where you live, and don’t want to move

Chances are you live where you do because it suits you. The kids go to school close by, it’s in an area you are familiar with, or it’s only a short drive to work. Hiring a caravan to your home may suit an expanding household and allow you to stay where you are and enjoy where you’ve chosen to live.

2. Avoid the PITAs (Pains In The Arse)

Moving is a pain. End your lease or sell your house, find a new place, pack up all your stuff, disconnect your utilities, unpack you stuff, connect your utilities, and change your 1,000s of mailing addresses…..the list goes on. We don’t need to step this one out.

3. Moving costs if you’re renting

Say you’re renting a 3 bedroom house for $330 a week. Your household suddenly requires an extra room so you decide a 4 bedder is the way to go. First you need to break your lease which under current rental legislation requires one week of rent just to break the lease and you also need to pay for advertising for a new tenant and pay the rent until the property is re-leased. Next you have to stump up a bond for the new place, and go through the PITAs.

4. And if you own a home

Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house a place knows how astronomical the costs are both to sell and buy a property. Why go to such expense if you simply need extra space for a while? And plans can always change, so why not hire a caravan at your home for a while until you know what your long-term living needs are?

5. Caravans are a flexible way to increase and decrease your sleeping requirements

If you need more space it’s as simple as making a call, deciding on the right caravan for your needs and us delivering it to you. At Add a Pad we don’t lock people into 12 month leases like a regular rental. You decide how long you want a caravan at your home for. We encourage hire periods of 12 weeks as we can offer them a bit cheaper but after that all you need to give is two weeks notice and we come to pick it up. Easy.

6. You can create privacy with a caravan that you can’t by moving to a larger house

Some houses have paper-thin walls, and they’re building the new ones in ever-decreasing sizes. Chances are a bigger place may not offer you the extra privacy you are looking for. Because our caravans are detached from the house there is decreased noise and more privacy for everyone. Our caravans all have sitting areas so they are not just bedrooms on wheels, they offer an alternative living space too.

7. Help your young adult build independence without it costing them an arm and leg

Moving out of home for the first (or second, or third) time is a significant rite of passage. Unless you, or the young adult in your life, has the ability to meet the numerous costs of doing it, chances are it’s going to be a little tough. Having an onsite caravan separate from the home can give young people a small taste of independence without them having to jump headfirst into all the costs of leaving home……and they don’t need to go too far for a hot meal or to dump their washing on you!