Terms of Hire

At Add-A-Pad we aim to provide people with friendly and affordable accommodation options. We value great relationships with our customers and get a kick out of helping them with accommodation solutions. We just ask that you comply with a few basic terms & conditions that help us meet the needs of all our customers and keep our prices low:

  1. We have a ZERO TOLERANCE rent arrears policy. We reserve the right to take possession of your hired caravan at any time your caravan hire fees are overdue. If you think you will have trouble keeping up to date please contact us immediately. We make reasonable efforts to follow up rent arrears. Failure to answer calls and emails may result in cancellation of your hire and repossession of your caravan without notice
  2. We keep our bonds low to reduce the upfront costs in hiring our caravans. Part or all of your bond may be retained by Add A Pad to cover rent arrears, damage, cleaning, or in lieu of an incomplete hire term. Retention of the bond is at the absolute discretion of management. Any damage that exceeds the value of the bond will be recouped via small claims court or a management approved debt recovery service
  3. We require TWO WEEKS notice of your intent to finalise a hire regardless of whether your hire period is finishing or has finished. Should we not receive this we reserve the right to subtract  up to two weeks’ hire fees from your bond
  4. No smoking in the vans or alterations or renovations to caravans without management approval
  5. Please do not move the caravan once setup by our staff. We take no responsibility for any adverse effects should you do so
  6. Hirers are solely responsible for their caravan for the duration of the hire. Please note: damage to or theft of your caravan is your financial responsibility
  7. Our caravans are usually older models – that’s why we can make them affordable. Please take when opening doors and windows as the mechanisms can break easily.


I acknowledge that I understand and agree to the terms of hire above and the Add A Pad terms and conditions